Mason's War (A Purge of Babylon Story)

Mason's War (A Purge of Babylon Story)

Everyone has a story. Even the bad guys. 

Mason has always been good at surviving—adaptable, opportunistic, and, when necessary, ruthless. He’s thrived when so many have fallen, but no one stays on top forever. 

After a string of failures, Mason finds himself in a small Texas town under someone else’s command. Fine. He’s had to fight his way up the ladder before, and he can do it again. 

But even Mason can’t foresee the trouble that befalls him when he crosses paths with a sharpshooting teenage girl. For a guy who has never given a damn about anyone but himself, it’s a whole new world—one that even someone as bad as Mason might not survive. 

Is there such a thing as redemption in a post-Purge world? 

Mason is about to find out.

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