Firebase (Fall of Man #3)

Firebase (Fall of Man #3)


They survived the first five days of what might very well be the beginning of the end of the world as they know it. Man has become its own worst enemy, driven insane by an unknown infection that has claimed much of the globe. The infected will target anyone and anything in their path in order to satiate a never-ending bloodlust. 

For Cole and Emily, reuniting against all odds was a miracle. Now, they’ll have to face the leftovers of a ravaged planet.  Fortunately, they’re more than equipped to handle whatever is thrown at them. 

Or so they thought. 

The answers to “what happened” lies somewhere out there, but for Cole and Emily, along with the handful of survivors depending on them, getting through the next day—then the ones after that—is all that matters for now. 

Their goal is to find a safe haven from which to regroup. That’s where LARS comes in…

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