Allie Krycek Box Set (Books 1-3)

Allie Krycek Box Set (Books 1-3)


Allie Krycek is not someone to be crossed. If you hurt the ones she loves, she'll come after you. And you don't want Allie Krycek to come after you.

The Allie Krycek Series Box Set contains the first three books in the series, including:

HUNTER/PREY: Allie confronts the most dangerous person she knows--the same man who killed her sister many years ago.

SAINT/SINNER: After the events of Hunter/Prey, Allie is determined to live a normal life, but is forced to use her violent skills in order to survive a band of ruthless criminals.

FINDERS/KEEPERS: Trapped in the company of killers, Allie must take on a secret criminal organization that might be more than she can handle.

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