FYI: Writerly Resources

I’ve been asked multiple times by inspiring writers about where to get cover art and where to get a good editor. And I always point them to the same groups of people, which you can find below.

I’ve used Jennifer at Literally Jen for copyediting, proofreading, and a variety of other editing needs. She’s very thorough and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s my first line of defense against bad writing.

I’ve also relied on Wendy Chan at The Passionate Proofreader for copyediting in the past, but now depend on her exclusively for proofreading. I wouldn’t hesitate to use her for copyediting again, but I like to spread the work around and not overburden a single editor.

And finally, I’ve added a third editor, Shavonne Clarke for final proofreading. Do you need two proofreaders? I dunno. That would depend on how much faith you have in your ability to detect your own mistakes after five, ten, or however many drafts you’ve put into your book.

For cover art, I’ve used a ton of people in the past, but lately it’s been the guys over at Deranged Doctor Designs. They’re fast, really good, and the prices are competitive.


I have no hesitations about recommending the folks above to anyone who might need their services, but your mileage may vary. Genre and needs will come into play, so please do your own research first.

If you do decide to use any of these people, tell them Sam sent you!