The Distance (Road to Babylon #6)

The Distance (Road to Babylon #6)


Keo isn’t an easy man to kill. Many have tried, and none have succeeded. His skills are becoming legendary, but everyone has an Achilles heel. 

In the aftermath of Buck’s bloody surprise attack on Darby Bay, Keo has rushed to help his friends. But he’s too late, and the battle has already been decided. Yet, while the fates of many have been sealed, others still hang in the balance. 

One of those people is Lara, the only woman Keo can’t seem to put behind him. She’s back in his life, and the situation is more dire than ever. The world is suddenly full of enemies again, and it will take all of Keo’s abilities to keep them both alive. 

In The Distance, Book 6 in the Road to Babylon series, the chase is on, but the enemy will discover that you hunt Keo at your own peril.

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