The Road to Babylon Box Set: Books 1-3

The Road to Babylon Box Set: Books 1-3

Includes the first 3 books in the Road to Babylon post-apocalyptic series, including Glory Box, Bombtrack, and Rooster.

It's been six years since a terrifying breed of seemingly unkillable creatures emerged from the darkness to topple the unprepared governments of the world, in the process knocking mankind down the food chain.

Survivors called it The Purge.

A few brave souls rose from the ashes of the old world to fight back, often against overwhelming odds. Led by indomitable heroes, they risked everything to achieve a final, stunning victory over the supernatural “ghouls” in The Battle of Houston.

Five years later, what remains of the ghouls have fled back into the shadows, and humanity now resides in isolated communities in relative peace. But human ambition and greed have also survived, and with no laws to stop those willing to pursue them, it’s every man for himself...

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