Hollow (Road to Babylon #7)

Hollow (Road to Babylon #7)


Lara left it all behind. The battles, the blood, and the sacrifices. She’s settled in a small seaside village along the Texas-Mexico border under an assumed name, determined to live out the rest of her life in obscurity. 

She isn’t starting over alone. Keo is by her side. Together, they have made a good life for themselves. It’s an unexciting life. A quiet life. A perfect life. 

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t leave you alone just because you want it to. The arrival of desperate men ruins everything, and Lara is forced on a journey across the countryside with Keo hot on her trail. 

Keo has sacrificed too much to just let Lara go now. His skills might be a little rusty, but all it takes is one good kill to get the juices flowing again. 

In Hollow, book 7 in the continuing Road to Babylon series, paradise is a hard place to find but even harder to hold onto.

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