Devil's Haircut (Road to Babylon #4)

Devil's Haircut (Road to Babylon #4)


Keo has tried to stay out of it, but five years in the wild have only led him back to the one place he dreaded most—alongside a woman from his past and fighting someone else’s cause. Except this is one war he can’t turn his back on. What’s a reformed mercenary to do? 

Lara didn’t want this. Not another war to fight. She’s been struggling to bring order to chaos since The Walk Out and doing it with as little bloodshed as possible. But Fenton is forcing her hand, and sometimes you have to get a little bloody, whether you want to or not. 

What is happening in Fenton? Despite attempts to answer that question, the mystery behind the former collaborator town remains hidden. What is Buck planning, and why has he done the unthinkable and joined forces with a blue-eyed ghoul? What is their ultimate endgame? 

Those are questions Lara must answer before she commits forces to putting an end to Fenton’s rampage. To do that, she’ll need to rely on people she can trust to help her expose the enemy’s secrets to the light of the day. 

In Devil’s Haircut, Book 4 in the Road to Babylon series, a mission behind enemy lines will set the stage for a battle that will shape the lives of everyone involved…and beyond.

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