Daybreak (Road to Babylon #8)

Daybreak (Road to Babylon #8)


On his way back from a vital supply run, Keo is ambushed and stranded in an abandoned town that, as it turns out, isn’t so empty after all. With little to count on except his wits and what weapons he can scavenge, he’ll have to fight tooth and nail to see morning. 

But Keo isn’t alone forever. He’s joined by a group of slayers bent on cleansing the town of its ghoul infestation. Potential allies should be good news, but these humans also bring along their own problems—a blue-eyed ghoul with a particularly sadistic streak. 

The blue eyes have always been unpredictable creatures, but this one in particular seems to take great joy in playing with its victims before striking the fatal blow. And Keo has just found himself in its crosshairs. 

The only thing that matters to Keo is to get home. To do that, all he has to do is survive long enough to see daybreak. It’s just one night. 

One very, very long night…

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