Black (Road to Babylon #5)

Black (Road to Babylon #5)


After five years of hard work, dedication, and too many sacrifices, Lara thought she had made progress in bringing what remained of humanity together in her small part of the world. She also thought they had seen the last of the ghouls as a major threat. 

She was wrong on both counts. 

An unnatural alliance between two enemies, forged in secrecy, has finally been revealed. With Keo away on a mission, the real threat is at the gates, leaving Lara, Gaby, and a city full of civilians unprepared for a long and relentless night of fighting. 

The survivors thought the worst of times were behind them, but they were mistaken. Fenton was always just another front in a secret war that Gaby and Lara didn’t know they were still fighting. Before the night is over, they will discover that the only thing more powerful than hope is vengeance.

 In Black, the fifth book in the Road to Babylon series, it’s all-out war, and no one will be safe.

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