The Purge of Babylon Series Box Set: Books 7-9

The Purge of Babylon Series Box Set: Books 7-9

Contains books 7-9 in the Purge of Babylon post-apocalyptic series, including The Spears of Laconia, The Horns of Avalon, and the series finale, The Bones of Valhalla.

THE SPEARS OF LACONIA: SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO MAKE A STAND. Keo has returned, claiming to have information that can turn the tide of war against the ghouls. Lara wants nothing more than to strike back, but she has other problems: Will has yet to make contact, and a team she’s sent on an important mission has gone off the radar. Meanwhile, Texas becomes a battlefield as a new force rises to challenge the rule of the ghouls and their human collaborators. Led by a mysterious leader, this new threat has the firepower to cripple the enemy, but their cure might be worse than the disease.

THE HORNS OF AVALON: SOME THINGS ARE STILL WORTH FIGHTING FOR. Keo has embraced his old ways and set his sights on a new target—and there is nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose. For Lara and those on the Trident, an encounter with a new group of survivors pulls them even further off course. Meanwhile, the fighting rages in Texas, with Mercer’s kill teams roaming the land and collaborators on war footing. Caught in the middle, Danny, Gaby, and Nate are desperate to reach the coast, but find themselves pawns in a nightmarish game of cat and mouse instead.

THE BONES OF VALHALLA: FOR EVERY NIGHT, THERE IS A NEW DAWN. Mercer’s army is in disarray, and Danny and Gaby have returned to the Trident with precious cargo. Meanwhile, Keo is a marked man behind enemy lines, and Lara once again finds herself tested as the answer she and the other survivors have been waiting for is finally revealed. In the finale to The Purge of Babylon series, the future of mankind is at stake. Sacrifices will be made and heroes will be forged, and the road to Babylon will be paved with the deeds of the brave…and the Bones of the dead.

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