The Purge of Babylon Series Box Set: Books 4-6

The Purge of Babylon Series Box Set: Books 4-6

Contains books 4-6 in the Purge of Babylon post-apocalyptic series, including The Fires of Atlantis, The Ashes of Pompeii, and The Isles of Elysium

THE FIRES OF ATLANTIS: SEPARATED, BUT NOT OUT OF THE FIGHT. Gaby has been captured by a familiar figure from her past. Will and Danny are close on Gaby’s trail, but their rescue mission is detoured in a city under siege by a very dangerous new breed of ghouls. The reunited ex-Army Rangers will face their toughest fight yet if they want to get out alive. Back on Song Island, Lara prepares for an impending attack. She receives unexpected assistance from a man named Keo, an ex-mercenary with his own agenda. Meanwhile, the survivors’ radio broadcast has elicited surprising responses from around the globe. It might be the start of a resistance against the ghoul domination…if Lara can keep everyone alive long enough.

THE ASHES OF POMPEII: EVERY WAR REQUIRES SACRIFICES. Still stranded in the Louisiana countryside, Will, Danny, and Gaby race against the clock to get back to their friends, but the road home is treacherous and enemies lie in wait. Meanwhile, Lara and the survivors at Song Island continue preparations for an inevitable attack. As enemies close in on all sides, Will and Lara will be faced with life-and-death decisions. The lives of their friends—and possibly the future of humanity—will rest on the choices they make.

THE ISLES OF ELYSIUM: EVERY JOURNEY HAS AN ENDING. He’s survived the Purge and battled overwhelming odds, but now Keo is back on the road and more determined than ever to fulfill a promise made nearly half a year ago. What he didn’t expect—or want—was to end up in another bloody conflict. With the help of some old friends and some dangerous new ones, Keo must figure out a way to keep everyone he cares for alive. In a world where creatures maintain unquestioned dominion over the night and opportunists lord over the day, that’s easier said than done.

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