The Devil You Know (Red Sky #2)

The Devil You Know (Red Sky #2)

An ex-FBI agent in search of her past.

A friend turned ruthless enemy.

A mysterious agenda that must be uncovered at all costs… 

With her life in shambles, the FBI’s newest Most Wanted fugitive, Quinn Turner, has no choice but to dive into her murky past in search of answers. But she quickly discovers she’s not alone: Strangers with questionable motives are about to make her life even more complicated. 

For Xiao and Aaron, the search for Porter’s whereabouts have been slow and dangerous, but they’re determined to keep going. Unfortunately for them, the enemy doesn’t care what they want, and a latest strike by the Rhim splits up the team. 

But it’s not all bleak: With the Rhim forced to take very public actions to keep their existence a secret, previously hidden factions are finally emerging, including someone who might just have the resources to be a game changer. 

In book 2 of The Red Sky series, devils come in all shapes and sizes, but so do allies.

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