Remains (After the Purge: Vendetta Trilogy #3)

Remains (After the Purge: Vendetta Trilogy #3)


He’s been hunting it for a long time now—a one-eyed, blue-eyed ghoul that took everything from him—and now Wash is about to confront his greatest threat. Whether it ends in victory or defeat, it will end. 

After her own dangerous journey on the road, Ana is more determined than ever to find Wash and finally repay him for helping to save her sister. Following through on that promise, though, might cost her everything. 

In Remains, the third and final installment in the After The Purge: Vendetta story, there is no turning back. In a desolate and unforgiving part of northern Texas, a slayer with nothing to lose and a woman with true grit will find their resilience and courage put to the ultimate test. 

Whatever happens, it ends here…

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