The Ranch (Road to Babylon #9)


Keo thought he’d killed it: a blue-eyed ghoul with a particularly sadistic streak unlike anything he has ever faced before. This creature enjoys toying with its victims, creating terrifying scenarios to keep the game going, just before it delivers the fatal blow.

After their initial confrontation outside of Paxton, the ghoul has returned, very much alive and stronger than ever. This time, it’s also brought along friends. A lot of friends.

But Keo won’t have to face the creature alone. He has Lara and Bunker to watch his back, and together they’re not just going to lay over and play dead. If the ghoul wants a fight, then it’ll get one.

Keo isn’t in the mood to play games. He’s defending not just the ranch, but also his family. It’ll be a fight to the end, and there will be no round three.

It’s time to make the donuts.

THE RANCH by Sam Sisavath

Publication Date: February 2020

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