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Hello there, and welcome to RoadtoBabylon.com, the official website of Sam Sisavath, the author of the Babylon and Allie Krycek book series and whatever other nonsense I can come up with and try to hawk to the general masses.

If you would like to shoot me an email about something, you can do so at sam (at) roadtobabylon.com. Remove the “(at)” and replace it with an “@” (minus the quotes). I do my best to answer each and every email. The operative word being try. Unfortunately I don’t always succeed because of limited time.

If you’d like more daily updates for upcoming projects and other dumb and random musings brilliant insights, you can visit my official author Facebook page. Note: While I do have a personal Facebook account, it’s not listed under my name. I’ve since discovered there are a few other “Sam Sisavaths” on Facebook. Sigh. And here I thought my name was so unique.

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