My Vastly Optimistic Writing Schedule for Late 2016 (and 2017)

Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been working on a couple of new projects and, well, there were some birthing pains. But hopefully I’ve overcome those now, and I’m feeling optimistic enough this Friday to let everyone know what to expect before the end of 2016 (and heading into 2017).

The next book you’ll see before the year’s over is one that I’m very excited about. It’s called MOST WANTED and will be the first in a new trilogy, and is about– No, no, I can’t tell you. It’s super secret.

But I can show you the cover:

Expect it either this November or December. I’m currently shooting for November. Hopefully November. Definitely November. Maybe.

For all you PURGE OF BABYLON fans (which is probably most of you reading this), there will be a new novella starring everyone’s favorite bad guy Mason, called MASON’S WAR. It won’t be mandatory reading, and is intended as a nice companion to the events of THE BONES OF VALHALLA. I mentioned before in a previous Facebook post that I had written a few Mason chapters but decided to snip them because they didn’t really fit in with the narrative structure of VALHALLA. Those chapters will make up half of this new novella while the rest will be all new material.

Wanna know how the collaborators viewed the events of THE BONES OF VALHALLA? Here’s your answer.

Mason's War by SAM SISAVATH

And finally, for the three or four ALLIE KRYCEK fans out there, I had originally committed to a fourth book this year but it looks like I might have to go back on that promise. The idea is already there, I just have to find the time to write it, and as we all know, time is a slippery little bugger these days.

For now, it looks like MOST WANTED will take up the bulk of my time, at least until I’m done with it sometime in 2017. Probably late 2017. I’m a fast writer, but I’m not that fast. I also hope to begin a new PURGE OF BABYLON series sometime in 2017 (mid-2017?), which will be set after the events of VALHALLA. At the moment I’m toying with the idea of an ongoing series that focuses on a new character in each book… What do you guys think about that idea?

Until then, thanks as always for reading, and don’t forget to visit my official Author Facebook page (if you’re into such things).

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