The Walls of Lemuria (Purge of Babylon #3.1, Keo Book #1)


The Purge decimated the planet almost a year ago, leaving small bands of humanity scrambling to find sanctuary from the hordes of unkillable monsters that reside in the darkness.

Keo is one of the few who made it through that harrowing first night. Trapped in a small town in Louisiana, he finds himself joining forces with a group of strangers to make sense of what’s happening.

Like thousands of others around the globe at that exact moment, Keo and his new allies will discover that braving the creature-infested first night is only the beginning. Every day from that moment on will be a struggle, and every night will be a nightmare.

This is their story.

Author’s Note: The Walls of Lemuria and The Fields of Lemuria are a two-part standalone storyline that explores the history of Keo, a character that becomes a major player in the ongoing Purge of Babylon series, starting with The Fires of Atlantis. Readers are encouraged to read these two books first before beginning Fires.

Publication Date: August 2014