The Fires of Atlantis (Purge of Babylon #4)


Gaby has been captured by a familiar figure from her past. Some might take captivity lying down, but they aren’t Gaby.

Will and Danny are close on Gaby’s trail, but their rescue mission is detoured in a city under siege by a very dangerous new breed of ghouls. The reunited ex-Army Rangers will face their toughest fight yet if they want to get out alive.

Back on Song Island, Lara prepares for an impending attack. She receives unexpected assistance from a man named Keo, an ex-mercenary with his own agenda.

Meanwhile, the survivors’ radio broadcast has elicited surprising responses from around the globe. It might be the start of a resistance against the ghoul domination…if Lara can keep everyone alive long enough.

Where The Purge begins, the Gates hold, and the Stones crumble, the Fires will burn…

Author’s Note: The Fires of Atlantis introduces Keo, a major new character. Keo’s standalone storyline is chronicled in the two-part The Walls of Lemuria and The Fields of Lemuria, both of which are recommended reading before beginning Fires.

Publication Date: October 2014